BEAM NIGHT stands for…

  1. I went to a gig, recently. BEAM NIGHT at
    Café Oto. It sounded really great. Firstly, Café Oto is well known in ‘cool’
    Dalston for live music performances and secondly, the way the event was
    advertised, made it sound even more interesting: “BEAM is a playground of
    homemade instruments and sonic installations… The acts tonight all use unusual
    and/or homemade interfaces to perform…”

    ‘Unusual’ and ‘homemade’ make it a story.

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    Tue, Apr 03 2012 20:00:00
  3. There’s very poor light on the stage. A few spotlights throw dim yellow light on essential things needed for performance. Two artists are opening the event. Adam Parkinson and Atau Tanaka each holding two iPhones, play 4 hands chamber music running special application, which they created for this particular device. These are highly experimental instruments, that “are not particularly easy to perform”. The gadgets respond to the motion of the artists. But, it’s not only about moving hands. At some point you see them playing the instruments involving the whole body. And it’s a beautiful live performance, other than being an unusual sound experience.


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    Wed, Apr 04 2012 20:00:00
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    Adam&Atau Performing on iPhones
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 11:31:26
  6. Given the fact that these are the
    instruments that are built with consumer technology today and they are programmable,
    their creators might be able to produce versions of the same instruments that
    are perhaps more accessible, easier to play, adapted to musical styles that
    people listen and to allow them to be more proactive in the musical process, to
    take an iPhone and not just consume music by listening to it, but also enter
    into interaction, into forms of participation with music.

    The night got hotter and more exciting as
    we were offered by Marco Donnarumma to listen to his flesh. Yes, I said, F L E
    S H. Have you ever heard the sound of your muscles, or your blood vessels. I
    haven’t yet heard mine, but I listened to Marco’s.

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    Wed, Apr 04 2012 20:00:00
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    Wed, Apr 04 2012 20:00:00
  9. Xth sense is a free and open source system, coded by the artist himself, for biphysical music, which is a term that he created to define this composition of muscle sounds, and other kind of low frequency sounds which is produced by the body. Software listens to muscle contraction and produces different sounds depending on the amplitude of the contraction, on the rhythm of the contraction, sequences of gestures.
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    Marco Performing on Xth sense
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 12:24:10
  11. Marco’s Xth sense has been names “the
    world’s most innovative new musical instrument” and awarded First Prize at the
    Guthman Musical Instrument Competition in Atlanta.

  12. Tom Bugs, coming from a musical background,
    who had to at some point ‘sell his musician soul’ and become a ‘musician on the
    fringe’, today, instead of doing record releases, he makes sonic objects. But
    influence of a musical background is still audible. He plays semi-improvised
    music by connecting around 50 patch cables to the sound device, which is
    designed and created by himself.

    “The interest for me, I found that
    certainly, I want stuff that has got chaotic element to it which will create
    surprises, which I then have to react to,” said Tom.

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    Tue, Apr 03 2012 20:00:00
  14. Bruno Zamborlin who invented Mogees, which reads gestural language on any surface, performed on Café Oto’s beer bottle, on the pipe on the wall, on the Brick Trowel (this is a building tool. You can Google it to find out how it looks like, or just watch the video, there’s only one building tool there. No, actually there are two. He performed on the Brick Trowel using a drill bit.)

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    Wed, Apr 04 2012 20:00:00
  16. Leafcutter John ended the night by playing sound which involved the sensors that would recognize the light. It might sound complicated but actually the artist himself describes it as ‘very simple, not supposed to be magic’.
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    Wed, Apr 04 2012 20:00:00
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    Wed, Apr 04 2012 20:00:00
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    Extraordinary musical instruments
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 13:16:44
  20. BEAM NIGHT was an introduction to a 2 night BEAM Festival which is to be held in June. Perhaps more extraordinary things to listen to?!
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